Our Sustainability Policy

At Instant Systems, we are committed to sustainability and making the right choice. Our Sustainability Policy requires us to be guided by the following principles:

Economical soundness

We conduct our business in an economically sound manner that ensures longevity. By ensuring financial stability, we can continue to create value and have a positive impact on our surroundings over time.


We consider all forms of corruption to be unacceptable. Corruption is destructive and goes against everything we stand for.

Laws and Regulations

We follow all applicable international and local laws and regulations. It’s essential that everyone follows the rules for a society to function and flourish.

Sincerity & Integrity

Sincerity and integrity are a requirement in order create good and strong relationship that last over time.  

Environmental Impact

We strive to minimize any negative environmental impact. Sustainability requires us to minimize our impact on the environment, as the natural world and its ecosystems are crucial to all life.

Energy Neutral

Access to energy is a necessity for all humans and businesses. Instant Systems aim to become energy neutral in order to not contribute to energy deficit that might harm individuals both physical and economical.

Positive Social impact

We seek to have a positive social impact. We are committed to being a positive force in society and promoting creativity, freedom, openness, and equal opportunity.

Every employee at Instant Systems is responsible for using and following our Sustainability Policy. Each manager is responsible for ensuring that the policy is applied and upheld as well as provide guidance when necessary. If there are conflicts between policies, they should be raised to the next level of management, and instructions can be put in place for frequent situations.