Tailored strategy to solve your business issues and help you improve.

Software Experts

We perform a thorough analysis of your business processes and suggest web solutions to improve efficiency. We will support you on every step of project implementation: design of architecture  and graphics, technical implementation and testing.

Problem Solvers

Our experienced development teams guide you from concept through integration, customer interface, and payment solution

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It doesn’t stop with the finished product. We help with the market implementation as well as provide support throughout the life of a product.

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Remote inventory management

If your inventory is distributed throughout a large market and you want real time information, our platform is the perfect solution. We have over 10 years of experience in RFID technology and how to integrate it with hardware and software. You are faced with a difficult problem that requires a fast and cost efficient solution, our team can solve them cost efficiently and with minimum time effort.

You are looking for smart remote video surveillance, we have the platform for you that allows you to have access 24/7 at your finger tip. We have been a leader in the development and implementation of automated solutions for over 10 years.

years of experince in RFID technology
smart remote video surveillance
years leader in the development and implementation of automated solutions

Maximum Control

Live inventory management without the need of changing any staff-behaviour. Just grab the items and the inventory balance updates itself. It’s not only efficient and convenient but it also removes the risk of errors due to someone forgeting to report, sign off or scan an item.


To run out of components can create both, frustration and financial loss. By setting desired minimum values Instant Inventory Management will automatically notify you or even place the order when it’s time to order more components.

Customer Care

The sales force can at any given time check the current inventory level and thereby directly inform the customer what can be delivered ASAP and guide the customers to an alternative product when the desired item is out of stock.


With time Instant Inventory Management can learn behavior and discover patterns which can be used to optimize the inventory. Preventing both overstocking and under-stocking of certain items by making the responsible person aware.


Most businesses conduct stocktaking one or multiple times per year. It’s a necessary and time-consuming process often required by the accountants but rarely appreciated by the staff. With Instant Inventory Management the stocktaking is a simply as pressing print on the computer.

Instant payment gateway

Instant Payment Gateway – Lova app, gives you the ability to securely add your credit or debit cards to the app. Once your cards are added you can pay using the app at vending machines, stores and other locations that support Lova payments.

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Encrypted, unique QR codes are used to identify customers and link them to their purchases.


Our PCI DSS certification ensures that your card information and payments are encrypted, highly secured and safe. Biometric or PIN code is required to make a purchase.


Number of places where you can pay using the Lova app increases daily.

Robotics and automation

Instant Systems is able to support projects in a variety of ways. Our solutions are available to meet your requirements and they are safe and easy to set up and operate.

Unattended operation

In cases where parts can be staged for the robot, production can continue during breaks, lunch and, in some cases, overnight.

Reduced training

When a robot is trained (taught) it’s trained forever.

Improved productivity

Robots are faster than people in many applications and can reduce unloading and loading time, which improves productivity and results in higher utilization of your capital equipment.

Robotic automation

Robotic automation removes the inconsistency of the operator, improves production planning and reduces overtime.

Improved worker satisfaction

Workers involved with robotic equipment will be better satisfied with their job.

On-going support

Our support doesn’t stop with the finished product. We help with the market implementation as well as provide support throughout the life of a product. For your convenience, we are happy to take responsibility for both the hardware and the software. We also believe that a good support team is important, we therefor host and operate the back end technology on your behalf. Your system will remain up-to-date with the latest features and software updates.

Automation is in our DNA.

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