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Instant Self-Service Store

We are now entering a paradigm shift for traditional brick and mortar stores where the transition to a self-service checkout store model will rapidly become the new norm. Store clerks will no longer sit behind the register, but will interact with customers on a more personal level. Instant Systems has developed a complete system for self-service checkout.

The system is based upon Instant software platform that has been in operation since 2004 with thousands of deployments and millions of transactions in multiple countries. Instant Systems self-checkout system utilizes a combination of 3D camera and sensor technologies.

The cameras are primarily used to track the customers movement within the store environment. By combining the data generated by the movement of the customer, and the shelf-based sensors a highly accurate virtual shopping cart can be propagated for a specific customer creating a fast, reliable shopping experience.

Our first unattended store in Sweden is live!

The technology behind Pressbyrån Go means that the customers do not have to do anything but pick their goods. Everything is automatically registered which will be a whole new experience in the Swedish market. We have chosen a flexible solution that allows us to easily adapt and further develop the concept as we learn more about how customers are using the new store.

Maria Isaksson
Maria Isaksson
business development manager at Reitan Convenience Sweden
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Instant Container

Our instinct tells us that hardware and software belong together and need to be developed in synergy, and that is exactly what we specialize in. Through our ten years of experience and accumulated expertise this will be the most innovative creation of the world’s first Instant Smart Container.

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The Instant Smart Container keeps track of who has taken what and when.


The user unlocks the Instant Smart Container through an ID card or other requested identification of your choosing.


The inventory in the Instant Smart Container is available 24/7 via mobile app or web interface. You can set the levels at minimum and maximum of materials stored in the Instant Smart Container, and the Instant Smart Container informs your subcontractors when it is time to refill the inventory. This improves efficiency, control and minimizes theft on the construction site.

Instant Cooler

The Instant Smart Cooler family of products provides a new revolutionizing way to sell food, snacks and beverages to end customers. Unlike a traditional vending machine, the smart cooler doesn’t have any robotics and instead let customers grab and return products directly from/to the shelves. It also provides automatic live inventory updates without the need to specify any product amounts or perform any manual counting of products.


A customer unlocks the kiosk through an app, or with a credit card (optional extra), and picks up products they want to purchase.

Browse products

Before the purchase end customers can choose to browse products (description, nutrition facts and prices), view FAQs and more through its innovative User Interface.

Complete purchase

The end customer will be charged for what they have removed from the smart cooler once the purchase is completed.

This version of Instant Cooler 850 includes 5 shelves with 3 slots per shelf, a total of 15 slots, while Instant Cooler 600 includes 5 shelves and 11 slots. They are one of many possible configurations of the smart cooler kiosk series.

Instant Padel Cabinet

This is a kiosk for renting padel rackets and selling padel balls. The kiosk can house 20 rackets for rental and offer up to 24 cans of balls as well as a number of grip tape packages for sale. If so is desired up to 4 different models of rackets can be offered for rental (4×5=20) at different price points.

Unlock and choose items

The customer unlocks the kiosk through an app, or with a credit card (optional extra), and picks up one or more rackets they want to rent along with the balls and grip tape they might want to purchase.


When the customer is done they close the door. The system identifies what the customer has bought and rented and charges their card automatically.


The customer returns the racket by opening the kiosk with the app or with the same credit card they used when renting. It is also possible to convert this cabinet however it suits to your business and your needs.

It is also possible to convert this cabinet however it suits to your business and your needs.

Instant Shelf 200

Instant Inventory Management is the worlds first seamless inventory control and tracking platform for on-site repair parts, maintenance, and control of consumable stock in a construction or production environment.

The Instant Shelf technology consists of three elements:

Base technology

Includes computer, power supplies and License Activation Fee (LAF). Communicates to Instant Systems Backend using internet connection (not included).


It consists of the metal frame on which slots are mounted. Each console comes with one IQ-Box, unit that connects to the Base technology through ethernet.It reads all the data from up to 24 slots. If needed the console can be equipped with additional IQ-Box.


The physical metal slot and associated sensors, which are connected to the IQ-Box.

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